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Established track record

Our towercranes have been used in prominent commercial and infrastructure development projects in the PRC and overseas

Strong brand recognition

We have received various awards and certificates

Stringent quality control and assurance standards

With a view to ensure high quality and consistent reliability of our products, we implement stringent quality control and assurance standards, systems and procedures. Our efforts are evident in the various certification we have received.

  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate
  • KOSHA Certificate
  • EC Declaration of Conformity
  • UkrSEPRO Certificate

Experienced and capable management team

We have a management team that has in-depth industry knowledge, professional qualifications and experience. The team is able to formulate and implement business strategies to promote our growth and to develop and introduce new products to meet market demand, a factor that is essential to our continued success.

Strong in-house research and development team

Our research and development capabilities help us to compete effectively in our industry. Our R&D team comprising 30 designers and engineers use computer-aided design applications. Our Group has developed approximately 50 models and sub-models since we commenced manufacturing towercranes.

Wide range of towercranes and a comprehensive range of technical advice and after-sales maintenance services

Besides the various series of towercranes, we offer technical advice and after-sales maintenance services in the PRC to keep our cranes safe, efficient and reliable. We also provide training for our customers in respect of safety and efficient operations, familiarisation procedures, maintenance and repair.

Significant barriers to entry to our industry

New entrants into this industry need a high level of expertise and experience, high capital investment, as well as the need for a track record, customer base and the ability to comply with various safety standards.