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Report Of Persons Occupying Managerial Positions Who Are Related To A Director; CEO Or Substantial Shareholder

BackMay 27, 2009
For the Financial Year Ended 31/03/2009
Name Age Family relationship with any director, CEO and/or substantial shareholder Current position and duties, and the year the position was first held Details of changes in duties and position held, if any, during the year
Sun Zhao Lin 53 Father of Sun Tian and spouse of Tian Ruo Nan Executive Chairman (appointed on board in year 2005) and responsible for the formulation and execution of overall business strategy and policies and future direction as well as the overall management of the Group. N.A.
Tian Ruo Nan 53 Spouse of Sun Zhao Lin and mother of Sun Tian Chief Executive Officer (appointed on board in year 2007) and responsible for and oversees the day-to-day management of the Group. N.A.
Sun Tian 27 Son of Sun Zhao Lin and Tian Ruo Nan Non-Executive Director (appointed on board in year 2005). N.A.
Tian Cheng Tian 51 Brother-in-law of Sun Zhao Lin and brother of Tian Ruo Nan Purchasing Manager (joined the Group since April 2001) and responsible for the sourcing of and purchase of raw materials for the Group's manufacturing operations. N.A.
Tian Hao 28 Nephew of Sun Zhao Lin and Tian Ruo Nan Sales Manager of Beijing Yongmao Jiangong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Beijing Yongmao) joined the Group since March 2006 and responsible for the sales and marketing operations of Beijing Yongmao. N.A.