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  • Incorporation of Yongmao Machinery (HK) Co Ltd (Yongmao Machinery Hong Kong) focusing on rental of towercranes in Hong Kong and Macau
  • Incorporation of a joint venture investment holding company, Tat Hong Zhaomao investment Co., Ltd (THZMI) in the People's Republic of China (PRC) with Tat Hong Holdings Limited (Tat Hong)
  • Establishment of JV Beijing Tat Hong Zhaomao Equipment Rental Co., Ltd (BJTHZM) with Tat Hong focusing on rental of towercranes in the PRC
  • Establishment of Yongmao Machinery Pte Ltd (Yongmao Machinery Singapore) for sales of towercranes in Singapore and other overseas markets
  • Acquisition of 66% stake in 2nd manufacturing facility in Beijing Yongmao Jiangong Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd.(Beijing Yongmao)
  • Admission to the Official List of SGX-ST
  • FSYM Construction became a 100% subsidiary of the Company
  • Commencement of business operations under FSYM Construction
  • Further expanded Topless series towercranes
  • FYEM - 1st towercrane manufacturer in China to quality for CE Marking
  • Joint venture with SGX-ST listed Tat Hong and its subsidiary, Leadpoint
  • Incorporated Singapore holding company
  • Transfer of certain assets from FYEM to Fushun Yongmao Machinery Construction Co., Ltd (FSYM Construction)
  • Expanded Topless series and introduced Luffing series
  • Introduced ST series towercranes
  • Launched Topless STT towercranes
  • Launched its first crane - QD8
  • Established Fushun Yongmao Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd (FYEM), a 75%-owned subsidiary, to manufacture and sell construction equipment accessories
  • Founded Fushun Yongmao Industry and Trade Co. Ltd with the main business of selling and distributing construction materials and metal casting parts